Insurance For What!? The Oddest Things Ever Covered

Insurance For What!? The Oddest Things Ever Covered

Insurance becomes necessary at some point in every person’s life. It is almost certain that you’ll need insurance, whether it’s required by law (like an auto policy) or out of prudence. It’s easy to understand the standard policies (auto, life, and home). You’ll be grateful you have coverage if you lose your house in a flood. Some scenarios are so bizarre that they make you wonder what the hell happened. No matter how bizarre or impossible the situation, as long as you are willing to pay for the premiums, someone will insure it. These are some of the most bizarre, outlandish and unimaginable things that people have insured.

Alien Abduction

This is a real thing. It’s not a rare occurrence. There are companies in parts Southwest who make their money almost exclusively by covering people in case they are taken aboard a spaceship. It is a form of special life insurance in most cases. The family of someone who is abducted and never seen by aliens will receive compensation, provided they can prove that the abduction actually happened. Some companies provide a specialized version to cover the psychological and medical expenses of survivors of space kidnapping. It would seem that it is very difficult to prove and collect one of these policies. There is no evidence that anyone has collected, but the policies exist.


Over the years, people have bought coverage for all kinds of valuable body parts. Betty Grable was a pin-up model and popular actress in the 1940s. She bought a million dollar policy for her legs. Jennifer Lopez’s famous posterior is said to be insured for ten-times that amount, in case of disaster. The tongue of the legendary Kiss frontman Gene Simmons is by far the most bizarre body part. Simmons bought a policy after rumors surfaced about him having surgery. This was to ensure that he would be compensated if a fan overzealous bit off his tongue. This is a hard-to-believe story, but it’s true.

Lottery winners

It is possible that this policy will pay less than insurance against alien abduction. In the United Kingdom an employer can buy a policy that covers the costs if two employees quit because they won the lotto. The ticket must be shared by at least two individuals. It is unlikely that a single employee will win the lottery. The chances of two people from the same company buying winning tickets are virtually zero. It is worth wondering if Camelot Group, which runs the UK lottery has bought such an insurance policy. Two of their employees winning would raise eyebrows.


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