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Adobe After Effects 2020 (v17.0.2) Multilingual Download Full

Adobe After Effects 2020 (v17.0.2) Multilingual Download Full
Adobe After Effects 2020 (v17.0.2) Multilingual Download Full


Adobe After Effects 2020 (v17.0.2) Multilingual Download Full


Adobe After Effects 2020 is a popular program for editing video and dynamic images, creating compositions, various effects and animations. Most often it is used for processing video materials (post-production), creating music videos, commercials, animations, titles, as well as many other elements that require digital video effects.

Adobe After Effects offers great management features, a wide selection of creative tools, and the ability to integrate with other video processing applications. Thanks to an extensive third-party plugin library, Adobe After Effects It is also used in printing and graphic design for editing static graphic images (photographs, images created on a computer, etc.).


Benefits of Adobe After Effects 2020:

– Improving playback and preview performance
Stable preview playback with improved stream processing and faster computing on GPUs with a new core display system. See accurate visualization of your project without interrupting the creative process.

– Improved support for EXR files
Performance up to 12 times higher when working with multi-channel EXR files. Do not waste time setting up. Import the multi-layer EXR files as compositions and start working on the composition right away.

– Faster work with shapes
Create and edit shapes faster and more efficiently. With a more convenient group management function, it will be easier for you to organize all the elements.

– Graphics and text enhancements
The new drop-down menu controls in expressions and text styles in expressions allow you to adjust many different settings at the same time and create templates that you can then modify in Premiere Pro.

– Expression improvements
If the expressions do not change over time, After Effects will apply them simultaneously to all frames with a processing speed of 40% higher than usual. Expressions apply to basic properties also much faster.

– Enhanced format support and smoother playback
After Effects now supports the Canon XF-HEVC format, as well as the import of two legacy formats: Animation with delta frames and MJPEG. Improved performance when working with H.265 HD / UHD and HEVC HD / UHD files with 10-bit color depth, as well as ProRes files.

– Cinema 4D Lite R21
Get the latest C4D Lite release with new features, including capital and chamfer tools for creating extruded text and splines. The new incredibly effective noise reduction filter improves image quality and reduces rendering time.

– Content-based fill function to enhance video
Quickly delete unwanted objects with the enhanced content-sensitive fill feature: Now it works twice as fast and takes up half as much memory.

– Other improvements
System compatibility notifications are also optimized.


Release Year : 2020
Version :
Developer : Adobe Platform : Windows 10 x64
Language : English / Spanish / Italian / Chinese (Simplified) / Korean / German / Portuguese / Russian / French / Japanese / English with Arabic support / English with Hebrew / English (United Kingdom) / Spanish (Mexico) / French (Canada) ) / French (Morocco)
Medicine : Cured
System Requirements:
• 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 10 (version 1703 or later) ; 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 10
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
• Intel or AMD multi-core processor supporting 64-bit OS
• 16 GB RAM (32 GB recommended)
• 5 GB of free hard disk space for installation; during installation, additional free space is required (not installed on removable flash drives)
• Additional disk space for the disk cache (10 GB recommended)
• Video processor with 2 GB VRAM
• Display with a resolution of 1280x1080 or higher


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Size: 2.24 GB



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