Advanced Animations in PowerPoint Best Seller Udemy Course Download

Advanced Animations in PowerPoint Best Seller Udemy Course Download Free

Advanced Animations in PowerPoint Best Seller Udemy Course Download


Advanced Animations in PowerPoint in this course you will Learn to produce great looking videos with PowerPoint quickly and easily

What you’ll learn:

  • Reduce, at least in half, the time to make incredible animations and transitions for your videos
  • Build your own intros, outros and remarkable motion graphics from scratch
  • Set the timings of the animations, transitions, sounds and background music in a precisely manner
  • Create wonderful backgrounds for your presentations and videos.


Learning how to create awesome videos is very important today because video is the best mean to internet marketing and selling. Lots of people don’t know you could make extraordinary attractive videos using only a simple but very effective and powerful software named PowerPoint. This course is aimed to make an expert out of you in using this program for producing intros, outros, motion graphics and generally embellish the presentations and videos you make.

There are very few detailed courses on complex animations using PowerPoint for videos.This course is perfect for anyone who produces video in PowerPoint at a novice level, for branding, for selling or marketing or anyone who wants to take the ability of his video creation to the next level.


Contents and Overview

The course has over 30 lectures and over 3 hours of concentrated, no fluff content.

  1. I designed this course to be 95% clinic, being completed with working files, with texts, photographs, images and audio files. These can help you work together with me to complete every lecture, because only by practising you”ll become better and will have quick results.
  2. My teaching style is to show you step by step how to do every task, as if you’re looking over my shoulder. This way you’ll see what almost nobody is showing or describing to you concerning the advanced animations you can develop in PowerPoint.
  3. In this course you’ll learn to impress with the movies you’re doing with PowerPoint, videos you may offer as a service for others.
  4. Or, in case you have a local business, you’ll have the ability to make professionally looking movies, that get more eyeballs on your company.
  5. Don’t want to offer services and you do not have a business? No problem! After finishing this course, you’ll be able to impress your colleagues, friends, parents or coworkers with the videos you’ll make by using these skills. Nobody will believe you’ve made them with PowerPoint!


Here’s what a few of my students said after taking this class:

“So far, in this program, I have learned more PPT”tricks” than in 3 other courses put together – absolutely brilliant!!

“I adored this course Claudiu! It was very practical and showed the fundamentals but how to”fancy” things up to actually look jazzy! There are times that I found it difficult to follow the timing aspects of the animations (which is arguably likely the hardest part to learn) in my view. Very well done! I will be buying future courses from you I am sure. Milla”

“This is a great course to get to using powerpoint quickly! I went through the course in a week, was very easy to follow and has increased my knowledge ten fold. Great job with the program! I’ll be purchasing other courses from this teacher, thank you! “

Upon the conclusion of this course you’ll have the ability to create wonderful videos with PowerPoint, by using advanced animations and motion graphics and you’ll be given a verifiable Certificate of Completion.

In addition to this you’ll receive bonus material that will reinforce and enhance the skills you’ve learned and there’s also a 30 day 100% money back guarantee from Udemy in case you’re not happy with the course. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


So… what are you waiting for? Take this course and let’s start!

  • Anybody who uses PowerPoint for making videos at a basic level and is interested to make better looking movies or videos which impress visually.
  • Anyone who utilizes videos for selling their products or services or are just PowerPoint fans that are looking to learn more uses of this program.


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