Download SEO Bootcamp Advance SEO Training by Jeffrey Smith


Download SEO Bootcamp Advance SEO Training by Jeffrey Smith

Download SEO Bootcamp Advance SEO Training by Jeffrey Smith is a 5-weeks online class that teaches how to optimize your website for higher search engine placement.

Learn proven SEO strategies and ranking tactics from Jeffrey Smith

In this SEO Bootcamp Advance SEO Training course you’ll learn how to:

  • Locate the top keywords using competition, keyword, and market evaluation to out-position your competitors.
  • Compose persuasive meta names and descriptions which get more clicks.
  • Construction your website architecture based on subjects to boost relevance & position for countless keywords.
  • Compose optimized articles that rankings higher employing the top-ranked websites proven keywords and synonyms.
  • Leverage your RSS feed and create inbound hyperlinks and societal signals (every single time you print).

Able to Begin Ranking for All the Finest keywords?

Easily overtake all your top-ranking competitions with easy step-by-step strategies and strategies that show you methods to look for hundreds of the most lucrative keywords…

can’t wait?

This practice shows precisely how to:

  • Goal, Identify and extract your opponents most profitable keywords and phrases.
  • Reverse-engineer and displace their web pages using demonstrated, battle-tested search engine optimization tactics.
  • Locate the top markets by identifying missed chances in the marketplace.Produce the ideal
  • optimization strategy to drive more profitable traffic to your site.
  • Identify and Boost 22 common SEO Issues which 95 percent of the others overlook.
  • Employ your agency-level SEO to save tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Boost your keywords, website design, names, meta information, content, and search engine
  • SEO to rank greater by layout (not by chance).


In this SEO Bootcamp Advance SEO Training Course you will learn:


Module I: Week 1 – Market Recon: Shows you how to conduct keyword research and competitor analysis to find the most profitable keywords, topics and questions that people are using to find products and services like yours.


Module II: Week 2 – Site Architecture Intelligence: Shows you how to integrate the keywords you discovered into your site architecture. Types of site architecture covered in the training include flat, virtually themed, siloed or topical site architecture (for e-commerce) and which is best depending on your ranking objectives.


Module III: Week 3 – The Tactical Content Blueprint: Will teach you how to write content that ranks based on the proven semantic signals of the top 16 ranked competitors.


Module IV: Week 4 – On Page SEO Ops: Reveals an insane arsenal of on-page technical SEO tactics and techniques from the trenches that you can use to start fresh or streamline existing pages.


Module V: Week 5 – Off Page SEO Ops: Will teach you exactly how to create social metrics and backlinks by leveraging the power of your RSS feed to augment and create ranking signals.
Advanced SEO Ops: Bonus Training – Special Operations, We’d tell you but… well, you know… just get access and see for yourself.



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