Download Affiliate Marketing Revolution Course by Luca De Stefani

Download Affiliate Marketing Revolution Course by Luca De Stefani

Download Affiliate Marketing Revolution Course by Luca De Stefani


Affiliate Marketing Revolution Course have you ever got paid by a stunningly beautiful woman to have sex with her? Exactly. How about this: has anybody ever paid you to push a Ferrari for so long as you wanted? Exactly.

“You have to construct a business around your passion”

People that claim this ought to be arrested effective immediately. If this were true, some blogger / youtuber / facebooker around Earth could make thousands of dollars every month. They do not and you understand that well. You wouldn’t even be on this page if you truly fell for that.

“A guy online which makes $100,000 a month told me to market only products I’ve personally tried”
That is so cool I’m almost can’t believe it. This is exactly what you can do: request that man to offer you proof that he uses each of the products he promotes and his sole income revolves around the selling of these products. Any moment a dashboard is demanded, ask him to show you what goods were offered on each day and after that produce the total.


I had been joking. Don’t even try this or you’ll get banned from so many email list it’s ridiculous. Folks are you know… busy. Mmmm.


“You’ve got to supply people with plenty of value and they will provide you money”
You do not believe this why are we even bothering with this one? But yeah, let us tackle it. Begin a blog at no cost, no affiliate links on the market. Make absolutely free Youtube videos in which you never request money. When folks request coaching, coach them for free. Should you write a novel, give it away for free. If after doing so you get rich, please return to me because I am interested.

Besides: how often have you purchased classes which didn’t work? Don’t you think that the vendor got your money without giving you value? Exactly.


“You have to construct a formal company around your true persona. You have to show your face!”

This is perhaps the most misunderstood point in online marketing. If you understood with how many non-existing people that you speak to on a regular basis you would probably pee your pants. I’ve been there, I speak from experience. Big Boys were not Big Boys before coming out formally but when they did they were already making millions. Enough said.


“What’s this route a scam?”

No it’s not. It’s a professional, comprehensive, high excellent video course which will demonstrate how you can obtain what really sells and then build a company (or numerous businesses, you select) around it with the sole objective of maximizing your cash.

I’ll tell you what a scam is: it’s lying to individuals by pandering of what they were conditioned to believe by other scammers before them leaving those folks hanging by selling them products which don’t deliver results.

Promising people they will make money by giving people value and following their passion and then leaving them with no results to show for is offender and scammy. You know that, I understand that.


“However… this is an entirely different approach from what 99% of Online Marketers do.”
Oh no it’s the same, let’s get this point absolutely clear. There is a difference between what Online marketers say that they do… and what they really do.


“But I am enthusiastic about bees and honey, cannot I just build a company about that?”

A company survives with earnings. If it comes to Affiliate Marketing, even if there aren’t any goods you can promote in your area, you will not make money. It is as simple as that. You have to consume the pill.I’ll let you know what a scam is: it is lying to individuals by pandering of what they have been conditioned to think by other scammers before them and leaving those folks hanging by selling products which don’t deliver benefits.


Promising people they will make money by giving individuals value and after their fire and then leaving them with no results to show for is criminal and scammy. You know that, I know that.



#1: Affiliate Marketing mindset: you need to debunk a few myths that live inside your head in order to successfully establish an Affiliate Marketing business. 99% of what you were taught has no existence in reality.

#2: How to make money starting with $0: while I advise you to invest into your business if you want to scale it up quickly (or at least you should be ready and willing to do so), it’s perfectly doable to start earning thousands of dollars every month with zero investment. A lot of my students have done it successfully (not only in the American market, actually).

#3: How to make money on Youtube: you will learn the best techniques to rank videos high on Youtube and monetize from them. Showing your face is not required.

#4: How to create face-less affiliate businesses: let’s face it, you may not want to show your face on everything you do. Big affiliates don’t either. I will teach you how to build entire businesses that make money on autopilot that nobody will ever be able to trace back to you.

#5: How to set up a blog: or multiple. These blogs will turn into a cash-generating machines.

#6: How to outsource articles, videos and everything you need: there is no sense in growing your business if it becomes another day job. You’ll learn how to outsource everything.

#7: Email Marketing: you will learn how the big affiliates use email marketing to make affiliate commissions. How to build it, how to grow it, how to manage it and how to send emails. Everything is taught inside the Affiliate Marketing Revolution Course.

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