Download Teamviewer 13.0.6447 with Portable full working

Easy-to-use program for obtaining remote access to computers bypassing firewalls, blocked ports, and NAT-routing of local IP-addresses. In addition, it is possible to show other users their own desktop and presentations, as well as transfer files. The program uses secure channels of data transfer with the exchange of keys and encryption of the AES session.

  • Main features of TeamViewer:
  •  Remote administration of computers for users and servers;
  •  Ability to exchange files;
  •  The use of secure channels of data transfer with key exchange and AES session encryption;
  •  Convenient list of active users with the ability to connect;
  •  Ability to work without installing the program on the local computer;
  •  Demonstration of presentations and own desktop to other users;
  •  Remote access bypassing firewalls, blocked ports, and NAT-routing local IP addresses;
  •  Ability to work with a remote computer through the browser;
  •  Optimized display quality and data transfer speed.

Features of repacking:
1. Combine in one distribution a full (Full), portable (Portable), server (Host) versions of the program
Portable version is presented in two versions:
1) from the developers – saving the settings is not provided (but it is possible to pick them up from tv.ini)
2) PortableApps format version – all settings, connection history, login to the account (system),
will be preserved after the release
2. Disable most of the built-in advertising (own patch based on the developments DeltaFoX and not only)
3. Choosing when installing the standard version or the modified one – with the option of two methods to reset the ClientID
(patch vcart plus my AutoIt script to perform the reset)
4. Russian, English and Ukrainian interface languages (automatic choice by system language)
5. Ability to install Shell for TeamViewer – programs for storing the list of contacts TeamViewer and fast
connections in the following modes: Remote control, Presentation, File transfer, VPN connection
And / or TeamViewer Manager (patch KloneB @ DGuY) – an additional tool from the developers of TeamViewer
for working with databases, storing information about your partners
6. The installer picks up (if they are with it side by side) and will be copied to the folder with the installed
or unpacked program, the following files:
* .dll – additional interface languages,
* .tvc – connection history (targetID)
tv.ini – the file of the settings of the classic portable version of TeamViewer,
TeamViewer.reg – Portable version settings file in PortableApps format,
config.ini – configuration and list of contacts TV Shell,
tvmanager.db (TeamViewer Manager database)
7. When installing the full version, the settings.reg file can be integrated into the registry containing user
program settings (if located next to the installer). The same file will be renamed to TeamViewer.reg
and the custom settings folder was copied, when unpacking the portable version of PortableApps format.




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