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Download The Complete Web Development Course – Build 15 Projects Udemy

The Complete Web Development Course - Build 15 Projects

Download The Complete Web Development Course – Build 15 Projects Udemy

Do you know you can go from Zero Skills to a Fully Qualified Cash Earning Web Developer in just half a month? 

Well given me a chance to let you know: If you are searching for a really 100% Comprehensive Web Development Course, that will take you from taking in the essentials to acing the most exceptional web development procedures, at that point be sure that you have gone to the ideal place. 

  • 15 Full Рrоfеssіоnаl Рrојесts wоrth оvеr 20,000$*
  • Саr Ѕhаrіng Wеbsіtе (10h), Оnlіnе Νоtеs Арр (11h) & mаnу mоrе*
  • 77 hоurs оf Соntеnt + 40 hаnds оn Асtіvіtіеs + 21 Quіzzеs*
  • Lеаrn Ѕtер bу Ѕtер wіth ΝО Ѕtер Ѕkірреd*
  • Тhіs іs Тhе Оnlу Соursе уоu nееd tо lеаrn Wеb Dеvеlорmеnt*
  • Тhе Моst Соmрrеhеnsіvе аnd Соst Еffесtіvе іn thе Маrkеt*
  • Lеаrn аnd Маstеr Оvеr 10 Тесhnоlоgіеs**
  1. НТМL
  2. СЅЅ
  7. РНР
  8. МYЅQL
  10. АЈАХ
  11. ЈЅОΝ
  17. АΝD МОRЕ!

Taking this course will enable you to accomplish your fantasy of turning into an expert web developer, and you will be prepared to build capable and responsive websites to a profoundly proficient degree utilising the present most exceptional and a la mode web technologies inside half a month from now. 

With a specific end goal to ensure the achievement of your learning background, this course was isolated into 10 splendidly organised Chapters comprising of ~77 hours of perfectly clear and 100% hands-on drawing in addresses. 

Every Chapter covers one of the significant web technologies and will take you from the fundamentals to cutting-edge skills. This is the ticket: 

You will initially take in the fundamental ideas, and straight after that apply them in simple reasonable cases. At that point you will effortlessly explore to more propelled ideas and utilize them to build more mind boggling applications. When you have completed the section, you will then move to a greater test where you will certainly build a “Genuine FULL PROFESSIONAL PROJECT” utilizing the skills you acquired in that part joined with past ones. 

Here are a couple of cases of in section exercises: 

  • Embed an unwinding YouTube Video to your website (HTML) 
  • Make an online checkout Frame (HTML) 
  • Expressway Speed Control (HTML and JavaScript) 
  • Outbound and Return Flight date pickers simply like the Expedia Website (HTML, CSS, jQuery and jQuery UI) 
  • Auto Mileage extend utilizing a delightful slider (HTML, CSS, jQuery and jQuery UI) 
  • Intuitive merry go round slider (HTML, CSS, jQuery and Bootstrap) 
  • Make a responsive Contact Form (HTML, CSS, PHP and Bootstrap) 
  • What day of the week would you say you were conceived? (HTML and PHP) 
  • Figure the date in 1000 days from now! (HTML and PHP) 
  • Figure the course, separation and time between New York and Toronto. (HTML, Javascript, Google Maps API’s) 
  • Get the geographic directions and postcode of any address. (HTML, jQuery, Google Maps API’s, JSON) 

What’s more, substantially more … 

Following are a portion of the “FULL PROFESSIONAL PROJECTS” you will build all through the course: 

  • Arithmetic Tutorials Website (HTML and CSS) 
  • Maths Game (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) 
  • Fruits Slice Game (HTML, CSS and JQuery) 
  • Application Landing Page (HTML, CSS and Bootstrap) 
  • Company Website (HTML, CSS and Bootstrap) 
  • Stopwatch App (HTML, CSS, jQuery and Bootstrap) 
  • Drawing App (HTML, CSS, jQuery and jQuery UI, Canvas, HTML5 Local Storage) 
  • Online Notes App (HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP and MySQL) (Full 11h project) 
  • Very expert Blog (Wordpress) 
  • Separation Between Cities Website (HTML. CSS, jQuery, Google Maps) 
  • Opportunity Website with Social Widgets (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter) 
  • Speed Reader App for the IOS and Google Play Stores 

Completely practical Car Sharing Website (HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP and MySQL, Ajax, JSON, Google Maps) (Full 10h project) 

You will be so astonished at your own top-notch work, and I am certain you will love to impart it to the world. That is the reason I will offer you “FREE WEB HOSTING” worth 200$/YEAR for the term of the course so you can make your expert websites live and draw in potential businesses or clients. Subsequently, you can begin profiting from the primary week of your exceptional learning venture. 

Before the finish of the course, you will have built a strong arrangement of “More than 15 REAL PROFESSIONAL WEBSITES, GAMES AND MOBILES APPS FOR THE IOS AND GOOGLE STORES”. This will give you an aggressive edge in the web development market and lift your pay as a web developer by expanding your employability or odds of being granted lucrative projects by clients around the globe. 

Extraordinary course 

The substance is extremely extensive and enlightening. 60 hours video + materials! The creation quality is stunning The educator is exceptionally fascinating and locks in. Couldn’t have requested a superior course Truly phenomenal I am extremely cheerful I contributed my cash and time on this course!” 

Who is the intended interest group? 

  • This Course is for individuals with no web development knowledge or experience. 
  • This Course is additionally for individuals with web development knowledge, however needing to learn new skills and improve their portfolio with 15 Highly proficient Interactive Websites, Games and Mobile Apps.

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