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Top 34 Free Udemy Paid Course Latest

Top 34 Free Udemy Paid Course Latest
Navisworks 2017 (Arabic) 30$=>>0$
1 Hour + 11 Lectures
This course helps you get up-to-speed with
Autodesk Navisworks software

YouTube Masterclass –
Your Complete Guide to YouTube 200$=>>0$
6 Hours + 104 Lectures
Complete guide to starting a YouTube channel,
getting more views & subscribers, and building a brand with videos!
Create your own successful YouTube channel
Grow your brand with a YouTube channel
Get more YouTube views
Get more YouTube subscribers
Make high-quality videos on a budget
Post and optimize videos with great titles,
descriptions, and tags
Create clickable thumbnails that get more views
Make money with a YouTube channel

MBA Accounting and
Finance for Managers(Paper MS04 of IGNOU) 20$=>>0$
8 Hours + 108 Lectures
Learn all the topics prescribed in Paper MS 04 –
MBA Course conducted by IGNOU
Understand Block 1 Accounting Framework
Understand Block 2 Understanding Financial
Understand Block 3 Cost Management
Understand Block 4 Financial and Investment
Understand Block 5 Financial Decisions

How To Build Your Own
Web Banner Design Business 20$=>>0$
1 Hour + 21 Lectures
How To Build A Profitable Online Web Banner
Service In A Weekend

Android App Development
For Beginners With FREE Software 190$=>>0$
0.5 Hour + 17 Lectures
Android App Development Basics With FREE Android
Learner Software

How to Live on Less
than Most People Do (and Enjoy Doing It) 195$=>>0$
1 Hour + 34 Lectures
The A-Z Guide to Living Far Below Your Means
(even if you’re living in a metro area) and enjoy it.

Microsoft Access SQL:
SQL for Non-Programmers 155$=>>0$
3.5 Hours + 86 Lectures
Access SQL: Easy to Follow Lectures and SQL
Examples. Boost Your Resume and Earning Potential. You Can Learn SQL Today!
WRITE SQL Queries in Your Microsoft Access
CREATE Select Queries
FILTER with the WHERE Clause
SORT Your Access Records
GROUP Your Records
USE Aggregate Functions
LEARN About Date Function
GET Familiar with Functions You Can Use with
LEARN How to Join Tables
CREATE Tables Using SQL

Become a C-Level
Executive : Career Growth for Professionals 95$=>>0$
2.5 Hours + 33 Lectures
The fastest way to quadruple your salary, get
your next five promotions and become a C-Level Executive

WordPress for
Entrepreneurs Management of your own website 100$=>>0$
5 Hours + 64 Lectures
Learn how to setup your own Wordpress CMS
website. Manage your website no coding required. Get your own website
setup a website using Wordpress
create content within pages and posts
self manage a website
develop the skills to update Wordpress
better understand the power of Wordpress

Excel Tips: Hours of
Excel Tips to Save You Hours of Time 105$=>>0$
4.5 Hours + 87 Lectures
The Excel course you want, if you want to work
faster in Excel.
QUICKLY Navigate Through Your Excel Workbooks
SAVE TIME with Keyboard Shortcuts
TRACK the Changes Users Make to Your Spreadsheets
CREATE a Data Entry Form Fast with Excel’s
Built-In Form Tool
CREATE Functional Tables with a Couple of
SORT Data with Your Own Custom Sort Lists
QUICKLY Format Your Charts

Learn iOS 9 and Swift 2
From Scratch – Build Real World Apps 195$=>>0$
2.5 Hours + 19 Lectures
Discover How to Build iOS 9 and Swift 2
Applications From a Real World Perspective. Build a High Paid Career

Amazon Affiliate
Marketing + FREE Software 195$=>>0$
0.5 Hour+ 12 Lectures
Step By Step Strategy For Amazon Affiliate

PHP Fundamentals –
Start Earning The Top Dollars You Deserve 195$=>>0$
1.5 Hours + 21 Lectures
Discover What You Really Need To Become an
Expert With PHP

Publish PDF,
PowerPoint, Excel, and Word Online for Free 20$=>>0$
1 Hour + 7 Lectures
No website required, no web design knowledge

Dating Accelerator
1 Hour + 25 Lectures
Improve Your Dating in Quantity and Quality.
Become a Master Dater, not a Masterbater

How to Create, Market,
& Promote a Udemy Course – Unofficial 200$=>>0$
2.5 Hours + 51 Lectures
Learn how to create and market courses on Udemy
to begin growing your student base.
Sales Strategies For
Key Accounts: How To Sell More Of Them 55$=>>0$
1 Hour + 29 Lectures
Discover the best marketing and sales strategy
to attract key accounts. Action plan and calendar

Freestyle 101: A
Step-By-Step Guide To Learn Freestyle Dance 40$=>>0$
1 Hour + 20 Lectures
Your Guide To Freestyling and Building Your
Dance Floor Confidence,

Photoshop Beginners
Mastery: Zero to Hero in Photoshop 20$=>>0$
2.5 Hours + 40 Lectures
Become a Photoshop hero by learning the
essentials of Adobe Photoshop to produce beautiful images in Adobe Photoshop.

eBay Dropshipping –
Create drop shipping business fast guide 200$=>>0$
1.5 Hours + 49 Lectures
Quickly create a successful dropshipping
business on eBay, no experience required, step by step guide

Create, Launch &
Sell Your Premium Online Course 200$=>>0$
3 Hours + 39 Lectures
Test Your Topic | Create Your Course | Convert

Master Computers – From
Beginner to Expert in One Week 20$=>>0$
39.5 Hours + 345 Lectures
Become a master of computers. In one week, you
will understand how computers work and how to use them well.
Learn from a highly rated instructor with over
15 years of experience teaching individuals of all ability levels.
From the fundamentals, to the most advanced
features, this course covers everything you need to know to use computers well.
Learn incredibly valuable hands-on computer
Presented with high-quality video lectures, this
course will visually show you how to easily do everything with computers.
Lifetime access to this course allows you to
easily review material and continue learning new material.
After taking this course, you will have a
thorough understanding of how to use computers well.
Money Back Guarantee – Satisfaction Guaranteed
or Your Money Back

Build Your Brand From
Scratch With Adobe CC 200$=>>0$
2 Hours + 14 Lectures
Create Stunning Brand Logos While Learning Adobe
Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop Basics

10 Facebook Marketing
Hacks That Work In 2016 200$=>>0$
0.5 Hours + 13 Lectures
Discover proven & tested tricks to get
better results on Facebook today!

Relationship Breakup
Masterclass: Get Your Ex BACK 45$=>>0$
1.5 Hours + 48 Lectures
Cheating? Broken trust and heart? Fighting?
There are ways to fix all of this. Take this course and learn how!

Successfully Marketing
a Local Business in 15 Easy Steps 30$=>>0$
1.5 Hours + 41 Lectures
Discover how to drive new customers to your
local business with little cost and make high profits

Build Your Own $5000
WordPress Website For About Fifty Bucks 0$
5 Hours + 50 Lectures
An amazing looking website can be a huge expense
for a small business. Let me teach you how you can DIY on the cheap!
At the end of this course you will have an
amazing looking high end website that looks like you spent $5000.00 with a
high-end web design team to get your site online and taking orders.

Video Production
Business Tips: Freelance or Company 25$=>>0$
1.5 Hours + 45 Lectures
Video Production Business Tips for success. Get
new clients, make more money and grow your video production company
C++ Basics – As Soon As Possible 95$=>>0$
5.5 Hours + 51 Lectures
Make C++ programs within 1st minute and learn
basics within 6 hours
Do general purpose programming using c++.
Will be able to take user input and display it
Will be able to do conditions and iterations in
Will be able to handle arrays and strings well.
Will be able to create, use and manipulate
Will understand fundamentals of pointers.
Will get to know the concept of class and build
Will know tricks related to display, random
number, time-date, escape sequences etc.


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