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Sony Vagas 5.0 with Keygen Full Version

Sony Vagas 5.0 with Keygen Full Version

Sony Vagas 5.0 with Keygen Full Version

Sony Vegas 5 Video Editing Software was developed by Sony Pictures, which acquired Sonic Foundry – the original manufacturer of the Vegas software line
Awesome Audio
Sony Vegas 5 features a powerful set of audio tools, which allow the user to mix audio in a multitrack environment on an unlimited number of tracks. Using on-the-fly punch-in recording, real-time record meters, 32 assignable effects, 26 Master and Aux outputs, you can perform automatic crossfades and take advantage of hands-on mixing.

Extensive tools for the creation of 5.1 surround sound mixing are also provided. With over 30 customizable, real-time audio effects, automated delays, reverbs, and EQs, Sony Vegas 5 will allow you to quickly and easily add professional sounding audio to your videos.

Other audio features include auto-input record monitoring, enhanced audio time stretching, ACID Loop Properties support, Keyboard Event Pitch Shifting, ASIO Driver support, 5.1 audio plug-in support for the master bus, film-style 5.1 surround panning, downmix monitoring, and bus-to-bus routing.

Improved Video
Sony Vegas 5 has improved MPEG-2 support, and is now supports the import of flash files. Network rendering allows for easier color grading and video filters. Sony Vegas 5 supports A/V production, multitrack recording on unlimited tracks, compositing, tilting, scoring and finishing in multiple formats, including NTSC, PAL, RealVideo, Apple Quicktime, and Windows Media File.

Additionally, 3D functionality for the track positioning tools has been added. You can easily apply high quality 2D and 3D transitions, filters, credit rolls, and text animations. Other video features include color correction and matching tools, professional video effects, customizable video transitions, transition progress envelopes, 3D track motion, and keyframable bezier masks. Sony Vegas 5 now includes DVD Architect for DVD editing as well.

User Friendly
Sony Vegas 5 allows the user a great deal of customization options for the interface, which allows the user easy access to the tools and features that they use the most. Keyboard mapping is supported, which allows for further customization. The user interface is very clean and organized, with everything at your fingertips.

Sony Vegas 5 allows the user to have a great deal of control over the workflow and creatives, without having to add in compositing programs or audio tools. There is very comprehensive searchable manual that comes with the software that teaches you anything you need to know about Sony Vegas 5 video editing.

The only shortcoming that Sony Vegas 5 seems to have is that it does not currently support ActionScripting. A common complaint from most viewers was that DVD Architect is not as powerful as it could be, due to it’s inability to import and use ready made menus in Adobe PSD format, and it’s lack of support for commercial replication processes. It is believed that Sony will correct these problems with the next upgrade.

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Sony Vegas 5 video editing software is an all-in-one professional solution for editing video and audio on the PC. With a reputation for unsurpassed broadcast video, Vegas 5 gives users an integrated solution for scalable DV production, sound editing, mixing, and surround sound production. As an added bonus, Sony Vegas 5 video editing software comes with several plug-ins, and more plug-ins are available free of charge from the website when you register the software.

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