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Manycam Best Wabcam Software free And 100% Full Working

Manycam Best Wabcam Software free

ManyCam is a freeware program that allows users to have the ability to use their webcam with multiple chat applications simultaneously, such as Skype, Omegle, Chatroulette MSN, or YouTube.[3][4] Users can also add live CGI graphics inside any webcam application, such as changing the appearance of their face, eyes, hair, background and more. ManyCam Pro is a paid upgrade, it provides users with a professional quality live video production studio.

There is also a simple module for creating effects included on the website, which mainly consists of adding image files, videos, and converts them to a ManyCam friendly format. Face effects and backgrounds can also be created. The ManyCam website has a database of more than 9,500 webcam video effects, most of which were contributed by users.

ManyCam uses a webcam or video camera as input for the software itself and then replicates itself as an alternative source of input. Because of this, ManyCam works well with nearly all chat software such as Windows Live Messenger that can use alternative video sources.

On October 2, 2013, ManyCam LLC was acquired by Visicom Media Inc. Visicom Media Inc. was established in 1996 and is a leading developer and pioneer of Internet application technologies.

On December 12, 2013, version 4.0 for Windows was released.[8] This version of the software was a big improvement from previous versions and includes several new features and a new user interface. More recent minor versions of ManyCam included more broadcasting capabilities such as a new Game Capture feature,[9] the ability to stream and broadcast YouTube videos and live events,[10] as well as a new RTMP feature that allows users to broadcast directly to sites like, Ustream and YouTube Live Events. ManyCam also has a mobile app for Android,[11] which allows users to use their mobile camera as a video source in ManyCam.

On August 24, 2015, version 5.0.3 for Windows was released.[12] This version of the software also refreshed its user interface to a more up-to-date theme and includes several new features. Among them: Windows 10 support and Chroma Key and Motion detection features (paid versions only).[12][13]

ManyCam is also available for Mac.[14][15] ManyCam 3.0 for Mac was released on September 24, 2014. This version includes several new features that resemble the Windows software.[16]

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