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Beautune 1.04.107 (32bit & 64bit) with Reg Patch Full Version

Beautune 1.04.107 (32bit & 64bit) with Reg Patch Full Version
Beautune 1.04.107 (32bit & 64bit) with Reg Patch Full Version
Beautune 1.04.107 (32bit & 64bit) with Reg Patch Full Version
Beautune 1.04.107 (32bit & 64bit) with Reg Patch Full Version  Size: 65MB
Sophisticated portrait editing with incredible ease of use.
This is a great app even for those who already use photoshop. It is quick and intuitive to use. It has a lot of tools, and well worth the cost of the app. 
Automatically soften skin, reshape features, and remove imperfections naturally.A whole range of makeup and retouching tools at your fingertips.No learning curve, choose a photo and start editing like a pro!

1. Why Choose Beautune?
You can’t always look your best in every photo… When you need a touch-up, you don’t need to pay a makeup artist or learn Photoshop. Do it yourself, quickly and easily, with Beautune and our complete makeover kit. Our app has the best interface that will quickly let you share the best of you with the world! Use our complete make-up kit, along with smoothing and wrinkle removal tools to highlight everyone’s best features. And the ultimate reshaper lets you gently nudge features in the right direction. All these features and more, together with a beautiful, easy-to-use interface, will have you fixing and sharing your portraits in seconds.
2. Foundation, smooth skin and Blemish removal
Use the foundation brush for a perfect, even look. One-tap for a great instant makeover, then add some blush to highlight your beautiful cheekbones! Roll back the years, get rid of those lines and dark circles, and achieve that perfect glow. Remove those zits and imperfections quickly and easily.
3. Reshape your face and let magic happen! 
Use the reshape tool to gently sculpt your features or fix bad camera angles.Focus on what’s important, you! Use our defocus tool to blur out the rest and make the viewer see what matters.
4. The eyes are the window to the soul!
Want bigger eyes? Brighter? Different color? We have all the tools for you, from mascara to eye-shadow. And also can be automatically remove red eye from your images.
5. Colorful your lip and 
whiten your teeth
Boost or change your lip color and whiten those teeth!
6. Add effects or frames to make your work even better
Feel free to mix and match the selected Effects, Vignettes, and Frames, make your portrait photo more attractive

Instalation Instructions:
– Install the application. (Don’t launch it!)
– Block the app with a firewall.
– Merge the included reg file to register. 


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