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Quick Heal Internet Security Essentials With Key Full

Quick Heal Internet Security Essentials With Key Photos
Quick Heal Internet Security Essentials With Key Full

Enhancements in Quick Heal Internet Security Essentials Browser Sandbox has been introduced for safe and secure browsing. Browsers Sandbox runs browser in safe and isolated environment and prevents malicious programs from infecting your computer.
Scan Scheduler has been enhanced. Now the Scheduled Tasks which are missed, because of any reason like your computer is switched off, user not logged in, etc., will be executed when your computer starts up.

Boot Time Scan has been enhanced and will have following two options
a.Quick Scan:  Scans only critical system areas and will take less time.
b. Full System Scan: Scans entire system and may take longer time.
Remote Support can also be accessed by right clicking on Quick Heal Icon in system tray.
Live Chat with Technical Support’ and ‘Quick Heal Forum’ is accessible from Help -> Support section.
Audible Alert has been introduced. You can configure to receive Audible Alerts if Quick Heal detects any malicious file on your computer.
News Alert is configurable. If you do not wish to see popup of 
News Alert, you can disable it from ‘Internet & Net Work’ section. 
News can still be viewed on Quick Heal Dashboard.

Browser sandbox is not supported on Windows 2000, Windows XP 32Bit with Service

Pack 1 or below, Windows XP 64Bit, Windows 8 and Windows Server Operating Systems.

Browsing Protection

a.Websites will not be blocked if you are using ‘CC Proxy’ Internet Proxy, Version 6.0 or higher.

Quick Heal is not compatible in Windows Guest User environment.

Quick Heal Update will not work in Windows Safe Mode.
Microsoft System Restore will not work if Quick Heal Self Protection is enabled.
Before performing System Restore, it is recommended to turn Quick Heal Self 
Protection OFF. To turn Quick Heal Self Protection OFF, perform following steps.
  1. Open Quick Heal Internet Security Essentials.
  2. Go to Settings and set Self Protection to OFF.
Installation of Win PK Filter (Windows Packet Filter) is not recommended if 
Quick Heal Internet Security Essentials is already installed on your computer. Installing Win PK Filter on the same machine may result in improper functioning of Quick Heal Internet Security Essentials.
On Windows 7 and above, Boot Time Scan might not complete. This behavior has observed because Windows goes to sleep mode after specific time. To allow BootTime Scan to complete you need to change the settings of Windows Power Options. Tochange the settings, follow below given steps.

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   1. Go to Windows Control Panel.
   2. Click on Power Options.
   3. Select the Power Plan.
   4. Click on Change Plan Settings.
   5. Click on advanced power settings.
   6. Change the ‘Turn off hard disk after’ to ’90’ minutes. 
   7. Change the Sleep -> ‘Sleep After’ Settings to ’90’ minutes.
CD KEY:  6F121-FN028-328D0-9AD38

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