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Wordaizer 3.5 Build.102 with keygen Full

Wordaizer 3.5 Build.102 with keygen Full

Wordaizer 3.5 Build.102 with keygen Full

Wordaizer is a free word cloud generator. You can find these kinds of tools available online so you may ask: what is the advantage of this one? Well, this program comes with many additional features.

Custom masks can be used, shaping the clouds the way you want. The density of words can be changed, overlays can be added, images can be saved in vector files, etc.

Once you’ve customized everything you wanted, you can save your settings in a project file so you can apply it later to another list of words or text. Your word cloud can be saved as a JPEG file or as a Windows Meta File (EMF). This generates a scalable vector graphic file rather than a pixel-based format. What this means practically is that you can open it in any viewer or editor and zoom in or edit it without any loss of quality. So you can print huge banners without getting a pixelated look (an unwanted effect, frequent in bitmap images when you zoom in too much, making the component pixels visible).

Overall, the application works nicely, but it has one drawback. Words are randomly positioned and sometimes they don’t fill your mask the way they’re supposed to. In some cases, big areas of the mask remain unfilled, which is unpleasant to the eye, especially if it breaks the shape down, making it unintelligible. Other than this, everything else works exceptionally well and smoothly.

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