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Desktop_Icon_Toy_3.3 for PC free Full Version

Desktop_Icon_Toy_3.3 for PC free Full

Desktop Icon Toy is an easy to use desktop icon enhancement tool, which allows you to
make many funny but useful patterns out of your windows desktop icons. You can change
and restore their layout with just a couple of quick mouse clicks.
Key Features of Desktop Icon Toy: 
Clock (all the icons will be aligned as a analog clock, showing the exact time).
4-pointed, 5-pointed, or 6-pointed Stars, a Cross, and all kinds of Hearts.
Horizontal or Vertical Ellipse, Spiral, and Circle.
Triangle, Rhombus, Pentagon, Hexagon, and many many Shapes.
Align desktop icons to the left, right, top or bottom.
Neaty Around all the Edges.
Arrange icons precisely with: “CTRL” + “Arrow Key”, which moves an individual icon in that direction by one pixel.
“ALT” + “Arrow Key”, which moves an individual icon in that direction by ten pixels.
Customize the layout by changing the order of the icons such as placing “My Computer”
as the last one, sorting icons by name, or changing the start position of the first icon

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