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AntiRun 2.7 Pro Pre-Activated free for usb Security

 AntiRun 2.7 Pro Pre-Activated free for usb Security

Antirun autorun virus protection

Protect your PC and external devices from viruses,
which spread via removable media.

Description : Antirun is a program to protect the system from the threats of infection from a USB-carriers: flash drives, memory cards, external hard drives, mp3-players, cameras and other media connected via USB-port. The utility scans inserted into the device and the computer automatically recognizes the autorun file, displaying the name of the executable object and its icon. Allows you to open the drive to view the contents without running a malicious file. The program is easy to use, has a nice and intuitive interface and does not require updating anti-virus signatures. The program has a USB Key application for converting flash drive into a key to the computer.

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