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Firefox (Nightly) 23 – 32 and 64 bit

Firefox (Nightly) 23 - 32 and 64 bit

VERSION………..:Firefox Nightly 23 32/64bit
SIZE……………….: 45.1 MB

Nightly is a unofficial version of firefox, nightly is an unofficial build of firefox but it is done through firefox unlike waterfox which is outdated currently. It has all the advantages of firefox but if your running a 64 bit OS then it gives you better memory utilization and speed increase, all plugins work make sure to install 64bit flash and 64it java

This is freeware but it’s a little annoying to get everything you need in one please, comes with 32 and 64 bit installers

I hope everyone tries out this great and feature rich browser.
for a little fun go here and test your browsers speed im 714.85 whats your speed?
Send me a message, any comments on quality appreciated. –Sammi

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