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Salfeld Child Control 2013

Salfeld Child Control 2013

Prevent from working PC in one specific day
Prevent from working internet in one specific day
Make a Schedule for automatic PC shutdown
Make a Schedule for automatic internet disconnecting
Set password for some programs and softwares
Website blocking ability
Have more than one milion dangerous websites in his own list
Compatible with different type of internet connections
Compatilbe with different version of windows…

All of parents know that internet and computer is too dangerous things for child and it’s a big problem of theirs, if you want to control your children and ndd some policies for him or prevernt from access to some parts of computer or internet we recommend you use Salfeld Child Control, this useful software helps you manages your children activities in computer or internet like you can make a time limit for working your children in computer and also can block some websites…, It’s make safe your children in digital world!!!


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