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Camtasia Studio 5 (Full Reg)

Camtasia Studio 5 (Full Reg)
Camtasia Studio 5 (Full Reg)

Camtasia studio allows you to create video tutorials suitable to be made available online.It is a great way to create “how-to” tutorials and/or easily create a narrated Powerpoint presentation.


With this software you can record your voice and/or your image while lecturing your topic including a computer screen, a running application, or even an Internet browser.How Can I Use Camtasia?In our office we have set up a computer specifically for Camtasia use. Once you make an appointment, we will have it ready for your tutorial recording session. It is made available for you to use as many times as you need to work on your class material. If have never used Camtasia before we will guide you through the program until you can walk on your own feet.

Watch the lectures below created by Dr. Jim Merrimam, with Camtasia Studio 5, on his Sex and Marriage lecture series.


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