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CPAC Imaging Pro

CPAC Imaging Pro

CPAC Imaging PRO is sold mainly as a retouching software for professionals with a sell line that says, “Outstanding results in just minutes.” But it’s much more than that. While Adobe’s Photoshop is the de facto software for professional image-makers, that doesn’t mean that there are not other applications that can perform some of the same tasks, and sometimes in an easier fashion.

CPAC Imaging PRO is really a combination of many programs. It’s like a combo of Photoshop Lite, KnockOut, skin softening software, a colorizer, print layout software, plus a couple of unique twists like built-in suits, backgrounds, and even eyelashes! It’s quite robust, and since it’s priced at $500, not inexpensive. So for the first question–can this replace Photoshop? Sorry, the answer is no. But for professionals looking to do retouching fast and easy this program is unique and even a little astounding.



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